IE (Internet Explorer) Security Alert Update

Last Monday we notified you about the security issue with all versions of IE (Internet Explorer.) Here is the UPDATED information you need to have: 1. Microsoft has issued patches to resolve the issue. 2. Microsoft has also issued a patch for XP Users. What Can I Do? 1. If you use XP, Vista and [...]

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InTech Intelligencer – October 2013

Its out! The InTech Intelligencer for October 2013 is published and YOU can get your free copy right here: Click click on the picture below and download your copy now! Enjoy the read….

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InTech In The Pittsburgh Business Times!

InTech was just mentioned in the Pittsburgh Business Times for our work with fast-growing law firm, Creenan & Baczkowski, PC. Jim Creenan engaged InTech Solutions because he was growing very quickly, and his reliance on the technology to run his firm was growing quickly, too. Jim knew that spending hours upon hours of troubleshooting issues [...]

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Client Question: How Long is My Computer Technology Really Supposed To Last?

I had two clients within a week ask me this question. I’m sure a lot of companies wonder the same thing. A great rule of thumb for replacement of computers and servers is: 3-4 Years for Computers 5-6 Years for Servers Whoa! You might say. That sounds like quite often. I mean we have a [...]

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InTech Protects Clients from Flame Malware

No doubt many of you have heard of the Flame malware that has targeted systems in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, the Sudan and others. This malware is so intelligent, not only can it log your keystrokes, but it turns on cameras and microphones connected to PCs and records conversations and actions nearby. It has been described [...]

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DNS Changer Malware – Straight Talk and What to Do

We have been seeing a lot of information floating around the last few days in media outlets and from friends and clients about hundreds of thousands of people suddenly losing internet connectivity in July. Much of the information is dooms-day sounding and finger pointing, so we wanted to give you some straight talk about what [...]

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We Need Good People!

InTech is actively searching for a new team member! Do you know someone who fits this description? Pass it on! Would this be an awesome position for you? Send us your resume! Read on…. Are you a motivated, client-focused IT problem solver? Do you constantly strive to learn more about networks, software, remote access and [...]

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3 Billion Users Open to Exploit?

The latest in malware news has been that over 600,000 Mac ‘s were infected. Yes, that’s right, Mac’s. And the interesting this is that it WASN’T the Operating System that held the vulnerability, but rather a third party application we are all familiar with, Java. You know Java, that cute little coffee cup logo at [...]

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Attention! Disable pcAnywhere ASAP!

Very Important! Symantec just released an urgent message to anyone using pcAnywhere: Source code from this program has been hacked by the hacker group Anonymous and posted online. If you currently use pcAnywhere, please immediately disable your account. Security recommendations include: Symantec recommends disabling pcAnywhere until they release software updates that resolve “currently known vulnerability [...]

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Neat-O Tech-Type Gift Ideas You’ll LOVE!

Are you feeling a bit burnt right now from the season of giving and needing some interesting gift ideas? I found this great compilation of a few awesome ideas for presents. They are all technology or science related, but can be appreciated by almost everyone. Check them out here:;get-photo-roto My personal favs are the [...]

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