Where We Came From...

Ever wonder where we came from?

Adam Shilobod has worked in IT since the computer lab in college. After years in the field and with a business management degree he had the burning desire to start a business that was better than where he came from.

Leia Shilobod had already tried her hand at several ventures and was excited to join her husband's vision.

So in 2006, while living and working in Virgina, Adam came home from work and declared, "I want to start our IT company. Do you think we could move back to Pennsylvania?"  Leia threw her 2 boys and newborn daughter in the car, drove to PA, dropped them off at her in laws, filled out the forms to found InTech Solutions, joined the Chamber and a BNI group, bought a house, and called Adam saying, "Pack your bags, we are moving to PA and starting InTech."

- true story -

We founded InTech Solutions because we wanted a company that delivered fast and effective IT services to great clients and provided an engaging and fun work environment to knowledgeable staff. Every person at InTech sees every computer issue as a real issue for a real person that affects real business processes. Each day we use our Core Values as our guiding principles to judge our actions:

  1. Be Efficient, Deliver Elegantly
  2. Continuously Improve
  3. Find The Root Cause, Solve the Problem
  4. Approach Everything With A Positive Attitude.

Our awesome clients drive us towards continuous improvement. We see any criticism as an opportunity to make our services better. If our Vision rings true with you, give us a call.