Last Chance To Save Up To $25,000 In Taxes On IT Software, Equipment And Services

While many tax incentives for small business have been shot down in recent years, Section 179 of the IRS tax code remains one legal “loophole” worth looking into.

This year (unless Congress changes it at the last minute, which they have done in the past several years) Section 179 allows you to purchase up to $200,000 of qualified equipment and software. With that purchase, you can write off up to $25,000 as a Section 179 deduction.

That’s less than in previous years, but the good news is, you can still triple your savings. Here’s how:

1. Save on taxes. If your business could use new software, equipment or services, but the expense is just a little beyond your reach, the tax savings you’ll gain from a Section 179 deduction might just tip the balance in your favor.

2. Take advantage of year-end price reductions. Manufacturers and service providers need to look good to their investors at year’s end. It’s a great time of year to bargain for the best deal.

3. Leverage your savings with smart financing. Taking advantage of an equipment lease or equipment finance agreement could turn out to be the most profitable business decision you’ll make this year. How? By combining a properly structured equipment lease or equipment financing agreement with a full Section 179 deduction, your cash outlay for the year will very likely be less than your deduction.

Plus, your business can start profiting immediately from the new equipment, software or services you invest in.

InTechNewsletter_NOV2015pubAND, in the spirit of saving you money, we’ll GIVE YOU AN ENTIRE MONTH FREE of our Worry Free Managed IT Services Plan when you upgrade your network with us.

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Just remember – these savings for 2015 evaporate at midnight on December 31. Call us today at 724.235.8750 to get started.

Disclaimer: Everyone’s tax situation is different. Consult with your own tax professionals for specific advice.

Don’t Let Your Phone Be Used Against You:
5 Smart Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

For better or worse, we are practically “married” to our phone these days. It goes everywhere we go. It has access to our most private conversations and key financial data. It holds some of our most precious memories, in the form of pictures, sound recordings and video.

And yet, there are those who would use it to rob and manipulate you. And they’re getting more and more clever each day at penetrating your defenses.

So how do you protect your phone and yourself from vicious attack by these cybercriminals?

Here’s a basic checklist to keep you and your “beloved” safe.

1. Keep your phone with you at all times. Remember, if somebody swipes it:
- It can be used to access your money, or steal your identity.
- Someone can pose as you on your social media accounts.
- A thief can use your SIM card to rack up phone bills.

2. Keep your phone secure.
- Set a secure entry password.
- Update your phone’s operating system as soon as updates become available.
- Turn Bluetooth off when you’re not using it and avoid using it in crowded areas.
- Only use encrypted WiFi networks that require a password, and set your phone to not automatically connect to new networks.
- Enable remote geo-tracking and the lock and wipe functions. These will allow you to locate your phone if misplaced. You’ll also be able to lock the screen and wipe the data if the phone is stolen. Just be aware that geo-tracking may enable others to pinpoint your location.

3. Keep your data secure.
- Back up your data regularly.
- Don’t save passwords or PINs on your phone.
- Avoid online banking in public or crowded areas. Strangers may be able to look over your shoulder.

4. Use apps safely.
- Apps can transmit personal data. Select permissions carefully when you install them.
- Always source apps from trusted providers and check feedback from other users.
- If you’re not sure why an app needs access to your contacts, calls, photos or location, see if you can find a comparable app that doesn’t require that access.

5. Be selective about how and where you use your phone.
- Stick with trusted webs sites and apps when you download anything.
- Never download content from an unknown source or one you can’t verify.
- Turn GPS off when you’re not using it. Your location can be tracked if you have it turned on.
- Log out of web sites when you are done using them.
- Especially with e-mail – THINK before you click. Hackers are getting very clever at creating authentic looking e-mails. One false click could unleash malicious code allowing them access to all your personal data.

Keep these tips in mind to keep yourself out of harm’s way — and to enjoy all the great things you love about your phone.


Real Leadership Is Power With People (Not Over Them)

Everything we accomplish happens not just because of our efforts but also through the efforts of others. The biggest difference between people who manage others versus people who lead others is how they develop those under them.

As all leaders know, untitled or not, leadership is power with people, not power over people. Do you build people up or tear them down? Encourage or discourage others? Try to be the hero, or make heroes out of those around you?

According to researcher Tom Rath at Gallup, the No. 1 reason why people quit their jobs is lack of appreciation. Everyone wants to feel significant, to be recognized for what they do. It’s important to make people feel appreciated. It’s even more important to let people know there is someone who believes in them, so much so that he or she will not let them be less than they can be.

The 3 C’s of Power with People:

  • Character – Those who wish to influence others understand how important character is. When establishing character, it is critical to remember that the opposite of humility isn’t pride; it is self-absorption. Few people can lead or inspire others, at work or at home, when they are self-absorbed.
  • Competence – People who act as leaders exude competence – by their actions, by their appearances and in everything they undertake.
  • Connection – When we act effectively as leaders, those around us bond with us – not because of our position or title in the organization, but because of their relationship with us.

Once you’ve developed these 3 C’s in your relationships with others, you will be capable of leading. As a leader, titled or not, your job is to act as a thermostat, not as a thermometer. Industrialist Harvey Firestone said, “You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.” So give it your best.

Leadership Action Points:

  • Express your appreciation – To act like a leader, celebrate the success of those around and under you as if it were your own.
  • Ask others what motivates them – When was the last time anyone asked you what motivates you? Don’t make assumptions about what motivates your team either.
  • Collaborate – When it comes to decision-making, the oft-used acronym TEAM is true: Together Everyone Accomplishes More.
  • Practice diplomatic confrontation – Rather than confronting the person, consider what behavior of his or hers needs to change. Confront the problem, not the person.


Shiny New Gadget Of The Month:
Tossing Your Video Cam To The Wind


Shooting the perfect video for your business just got easier, thanks to a new flying camera that’s smart enough to follow you on its own. It’s called the Lily flying camera, and it breaks new ground in ease of use. Just toss the camera in the air, and it starts shooting video. It can follow or circle or zoom in on a subject with ease. You just wear a special wrist beacon. Lily may be a cool toy, but it’s also a great tool for your business. Shooting video from the air, hands-free, quite literally means the sky’s the limit on what you can do. It also means you can shoot great marketing videos without having to buy a whole lot of new gear. Just toss Lily in the air, demo your product and let Lily capture stunning aerial footage for you.

“Herjavec On The Elevator Speech”

I got to hang out with Robert Herjavec, star of Shark Tank and owner of the $180M Herjavec Group again this past October. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spending time with super-successful and driven entrepreneurs because I learn so much. And quite frankly, if you aren’t learning, you’re dying.

One thing he revealed to us was how he knew if the ‘Sharks’ on Shark Tank would listen to the contestants. Believe it or not, it was in the clear, concise delivery of their elevator speech – their 45 second “this is what we are and what we do.”

Of course he went back and made sure all his sales people at the Herjavec Group were doing to this, too. But he didn’t just tell them to “have an elevator pitch,” there is actually a formula he teaches that communicates a powerful message that stays with people.

Here’s how it goes:

“I’m {name} from {your company} and we specialize in {specifically what you do and who you do it for}. Our core value {core value} drives us to deliver {results}. Most other {companies like you} do {not what you do}, but we do {what you do better} which delivers {result}, {result, {result}.”

In practice this would look like:

InTechNewsletter_NOV2015pub4“I’m Leia from InTech and we specialize in supporting the IT for manufacturers, CPA’s and attor-neys. Our core value ‘Find The Root Cause, Solve The Problem’ drives us to deliver solved prob-lems – not band aids - for computers that just work. Most other IT Firms just respond when there is a problem, but we sit on the same side of the tables as our clients to understand their business and be-come an extension of their company so there are no surprise costs, decisions can be made faster, and IT related business systems are stable.”

Do you have one? Can yours be better? To your continued success,

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