InTech delivers Office 365 management and security services to keep your business security and efficient. We can provide proactive management, monitoring, and support requests in the Office 365 environment.

You Have to manage and secure OFFICE 365?

Office 365 does NOT come out of the box secure and must be hardened to mitigate risks. Our experience with locking this platform down assures you are secure. After we lock it down, we continue to support you to make using Office 356 easy!

Our onboard process includes an assessment of the current configuration and a Roadmap for Hardening.

Working with InTech assures you:

  • Competent, approachable professionals.We take the time to understand your business processes and align the environment. The InTech Team loves to help people – no geek speak!
  • End User Support. We love taking incoming requests from end users to make sure using Office 365 is easy and working for your team!
  • Change Management Process. We have a documented change management process to assure any requests are approved, documented, and tracked.
  • Security and Compliance Support. Our Cloud IT Managed Services provide 24/7 security monitoring of Office 365. We harden your environment, deploy Managed Detection and Response and assure your environment is compliant with industry standards such as DFARS/NIST 800-171.
  • Improved Efficiency of an IT team.We love supporting internal IT teams so they can focus on their core areas of supporting the business.

To see if we can help you, call us at 724.235.8750 or email!

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    A Guide to Efficiently and Effectively Securing Cloud Environments to Enable Business Growth and Agility

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